Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Sewing

I got very little knitting done this Thanksgiving, mostly because I was too busy working for my mother. I was home for most of a week, and spent the first weekend cutting out and starting a muslin for a dress shirt. I had to go back to school for classes on Monday and Tuesday, but I had intended to come home and work on Wednesday. I figured I could make the final draft, as it were, in a day and where it to Thanksgiving. Not so much.

It turned out my mother (who I love dearly) needed me and my sewing machine all day on Wednesday to finish covering new cushions for a danish chair belonging to a friend, which she had promised by Thanksgiving. It consisted of wrapping the foam cushion forms in dacron fluff and muslin, sewing them on, and then creating removable covers. The covers were in a thick, loose-weave upholstery fabric, with piping around all the edges. I got to make the piping. I'm not quite sure what she would have done if I had not been home to work on them, but they would not have been done by Thanksgiving. (My showing up in the nick of time clearly makes me a Big Damn Hero)

I spent most of Friday and Saturday working with my mom at the Craft Fair, we ran the food. There was ham, egg, and tuna salad sandwiches, hot dogs, and pupkin soup. We worked for 5 hours or so each day, and it was pretty easy. I knew I was going to be doing that, though I hadn't quite realized how exhausted I would be by the end of the week. In all, it was not exactly the relaxing vacation I had in mind.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My life was eaten by:

So, for the past two weeks or so I have hardly had time to think.

The reasons are:

  • Fluid Mechanics: I am taking Fluid Mechanics for honors, and it ate my brain (but maybe when I finish the CAD renditions I'll post them)
  • French: Presentation (on Chartres Cathedral), quiz, the like. It's hard!
  • Technical writing: final team project.
  • I got the flu, and was sick for 48 hours or so.
  • First Saturday Contra Dance in Peterborough New Hampshire
  • Intermittent bits of knitting (new project, will show soon)
  • Harry Dresden, wizard private investigator
But I have gotten a fair amount of knitting done. I started the sleeve of my sweater, but sort of got distracted, and I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out. I may try again and knit the patterned part inside out to keep the floats loose.

The offending sleeve. It's a bit too tight in the pattern, and I think it loosens too fast.