Sunday, September 27, 2009

Old Project, Complete

So while my Saturday was totally unproductive from a schoolwork perspective, I did finish a project that has been waiting around for a spare hour since last spring. The project: a tapestry bag, in a size I've been feeling the lack of lately. There wasn't much left to do - just finish sewing on the handles and install the pocket. It's a copy of a canvas bag I've had for years - the original was red with black handles, and had a picture of a sewing machine on the pocket with the legend "Women's Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society." It was the perfect size - the handles are long enough to go from hand to elbow, for ease of wearing on the shoulder, it's wide enough and not too tall. But it's really too worn out to carry without complete reconstruction, so I decided to make a replacement.

The new bag is made out of a sort of brocade/tapystry kind of material, the handles are plain cloth tape, the kind that is used on the seats of Shaker chairs. It's a little less sturdy then the original, but that might not be bad. I might add a lining with some inside pockets, there is some stranding behind the weave, which could catch on things. Regardless, I'm very pleased, and it will be nice to have a bag with just enough room for a notebook or two and my knitting.

Inside of bag

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